Multiple news outlets say around 1 PM Washington DC time, President Trump plans to announce recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and move the American Embassy there.

Should such major American policy move become reality, opposition to such recognition will be loud, immediate and from all over the global political spectrum.

No doubt, the expansionist and warmongering Islamists fascists, their lobbies and minions will be amnong the loudest voices.

To my mind, four decades of disastrous  Palestine-centric policy of the Islamist fascists is the main facilitator for this American policy change.

It is as direct result of their hegemonic expansionism and warmongering, that Arabs have become de facto allies of Israel.

Islamist fascists’ interference in Palestinian affairs, constantly feeding and arming terror groups and becoming a solid impediment to the unity of Palestinians is also to blame.

In short; regardless of its legitimacy or not, this move by the Trump administration could not have been made without the Islamist fascists’ bloody terroristic shenanigans and hegemonic desire.

Iranians have no dog in this fight. The right thing for Iranians who wish to see Iran emancipated from the yoke of this unreformable Islamist fascists, is to concentrate on Iran’s national interests, which as long as Islamist fascists are in power is in mortal jeopardy.

Airtight sanctions, a la against the despicable South Africa apartheid, works. U.S. lawmakers get to it.


Ps. Israel is Iran’s historic, cultural and strategic ally, the sooner the expansionist and warmongering Islamist fascists are relegated to the dustbin of history, the sooner these two great allied nations can help bring peace and tranquility o the war ravaged Middle East.  

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