Wouldn’t you like to have a good paying cushy job with benefits, have your spouse working alongside you with the same pay and even some family members and friends as well?

Wouldn’t you like to have a job which allows you to sing your own tune in direct opposition to the stated policy and mission statement of the organization where you work, and have the U.S. taxpayers pay your salary?

If you answer yes, then the U.S. taxpayers' Prague based Radio Farda is for you. Learn to write and speak Persian, work for some time with the Islamist fascists’ “reformist media” and even teach at their Revolutionary Guards’ institution inside Iran, and voila, you too have the chance to enter U.S. taxpayers’ Persian Couple Paradise, PCP for short.

Opposition activists - not to be mistaken with the “reformist” bunch who alongside the Islamist fascists’ NIAC Lobby in America are pushing to extend the bloody rule of the warmongering, international terror sponsoring and uber America/Israel hating Islamist fascism in Iran – have identified at least five sets of couples, to the one with Islamist fascist “reformist” pedigree, who work at Radio Farda.

Of course there are family members too, at least one from a Soros backed operation affiliated with the NIAC Lobby.

For years many opposition groups and individuals have decried the way U.S. taxpayers’ Radio Farda and Persian service of Voice of America have become the unofficial bastion of the Islamist fascists’ “reformist” faction, all to no avail.

With the change of U.S. administration, hopes have been rekindled for a wholesale change at these two very important outlets, mandated to provide UNBIASED and ACCURTE information to the beleaguered Iranians inside Iran struggling and yearning to be free.


Sanction works, U.S. House, get to it.

Picture above; Radio Farda’s “journalist", Banafsheh Ramazani Yeganeh. the Persian writing under her name states “with Rouhani till the year 1400” meaning with the Islamist fascist “president” till the Persian calendar year 1400, which is the end of his second term of ersatz presidency , 3 years from now.