It was a concept based on a dream, alas all impossibility evading dreams stay just that, a dream.

For eight disastrous years the ex-president Obama did all he could to appease the warmongering, uber-international terror sponsoring and America/ Israel hating Islamist fascists-“reformers” and all.

The end result of turning his back to Iranians shouting “Obama, Obama, you’re either with them (Islamist fascists) or with us” (video) has been an even more emboldened Islamist fascists.

Millions of mostly Europe bound Syrian refugees fleeing Islamist fascists’ war, is just a small part of Obama’s pipe-dream of kinder gentler Islamist fascism.

Barring any narcissism fueled about-face by Trump – who owes his presidency to Obama’s disastrous policies – things are about to change with America as the leader of the free world visa vie the unreformable warmongering, hegemonic and uber-misogynistic Islamist fascists. It is about time.

In other words; Bye-bye Obama’s Iran pipe-dream.


Sanction works, U.S. Senate, get to it.