Almost all Iranians who were active in overthrowing the Pahlavi monarchy did not heed the age old proverb to measure twice and cut once.  

Now nearly four decades after that disaster, aka, Islamist Revolution of 1979, almost all those same Iranians, the ones who are still alive, speak of wanting democracy for Iran.

The Islamist fascists –“reformers” and all- claim to have established an Islamic democracy in Iran already, albeit they freely admit it needs some tweaking, the opposition claims any religious democracy, as in “Islamic democracy” in Iran, is an oxymoron.

Enter the Turkish model where Islamists the world over, particularly Islamist fascists in Iran, always held up as a shining model of successful Islamic democracy, which can and should be emulated by others.

However, with the bloody track record of Islamists in power in Turkey, and with today’s “referendum” allowing Sultan Rajab to be in office till 2029, it remains to be seen how Islamists fascists in Iran will spin this newest version of the model of Islamic Democracy.


Sanctions works, U.S. Senate, get to it.