Although the resignation of Michael Flynn, President Trump’s national security advisor was sudden, given the persistent effort by the national media zoomed on him, it was not that unexpected.

Michael Flynn was a lifelong Democrat, who because of his steadfast opposition to Obama’s appeasement policy toward Islamist fascists and his faulty legacy nuke deal with their Führer, was fired by Obama and later became a supporter of Trump.

As far as Iran is concerned, the eight disastrous years of Obama appeasement policy toward the warmongering, uber anti-America Islamist fascists -”reformers” and all-  is officially ended by the new Trump administration.

A cursory look at the reaction of the Islamist fascists, their lobbyists and supporters, as they should be, indicates they are happy with Flynn’s departure.

However, it is a premature happiness, the opposition to the warmongering, international terrorism, armed intervention in the internal affairs of other countries, and ….by the Islamist fascists in the new administration is a policy, just like no matter what, Obama’s appeasement was.

In other words; don't count your chickens before they hatch is a good advice for both anti- Islamist fascists and the pro-Islamist fascists.


Sanction works, U.S. Senate, get to it.