Used to be you had to know how to talk and be able to pass 'I'm not an outright fraud test' to be president but that bar has been removed too.


Pundits were at it before and now they are at it even harder. But Trump presidency was one of two bad outcomes neither of which will solve core problems of American economy, politics or society.

I did not think he had a chance to win but that does not change the fact that people wanted change and in the process a snake oil salesman rode their wave of anger to victory. While race was a factor, Sexism was just as important; majority of Trump supporters however are neither racist nor bigots, rather they are mostly pretty much same people who usually vote republican. They just came out despite Trump not for him; for the reasons I had outlined last year. And many democrats just stayed home.

This election was lost by Hillary more so than won by Trump. His numbers were similar to Romney, give or take, but Hillary's did not hold up like Obama's. Democratic party's sand bagging Bernie cost also since majority of his supporters did not come out for Clinton. And a lot of men and even women still have a problem with a woman as Commander in Chief.

All and all the glass is half full. Hillary presidency would have been more of the same while Trump has house and senate and no excuses. Strangely enough he is as powerful as any president has been for a very long time and gets to dictate whatever he wants and there lies the upcoming clusterF%$^.

He only understands power and winning and that means he'll wheel and deal and just like he did with his casinos and Trump University; and likely create the kind of corruption that makes financial crisis look like child's play. And by the time mid-term elections comes around the tide may turn once people see the mess he is creating. We've seen this movie before and the only thing new is the lead actor. So 'Let's make America Great Again' is really code for let's fleece whatever is left. That's why a 1000 points down dow futures in fear of his election suddenly turns into a big up day and 'optimism' in wall street there is talk of growth by the same people that handed us financial crisis.

In short, people were screwed with Clinton or Trump and while one can argue for and against each, it is not a productive conversation. The unknown is whether democracy is dying or dead already and the difference is how long before we see the really ugly stuff that Trump has already advertised for the past 18 months. As for Iranian or other nations hoping a 'tougher' U.S. somehow improving their lot, keep dreaming.