On a trip in Africa (A Moslem country) I went to American consulate’s Commercial section to get some info and after leaving saw an associate outside the consulate and struck a conversation. As we chatted I noticed a Consul came out to the street (Visa section had closed for the day) and picked people at random from the crowds that were dispersing from the always crowded visa line. By random I mean he pointed his index finger to tall, short, bum, suited, young, old… took them in and within minutes they were marching out ecstatic as they waved their visas and celebrated.

That was a few years back but I’m sure that country was not an exception. With Visa Lottery, legal and illegal immigration like millions from south of the border and many other ways to get into U.S. … one would think handing out visas at random is really not necessary.

I live in Silicon Valley and here like most metropolitan areas in U.S. is a mix of at least 100 nationalities. Mostly Chinese and Indian in my area but we have it all. LA, NY, Seattle, Chicago may have different mixes but the story is the same. U.S. has been experiencing the biggest wave of immigration in its history in the past 20 years (about 65million people or roughly 20% of U.S. population) https://www.numbersusa.com/content/learn/overpopulation/biggest-population-boom-ever.html

This is profound by any measure; economically, politically, socially… and perhaps explains the anger of a significant portion of Americans. May also explain Donald Trump’s poll numbers and the additional frustration they will be feeling once he is a footnote by the time real election comes around.

This latest wave of immigration is different in many ways than the historic pattern where majority were below ‘average’ American in relative and absolute terms. That is no longer the story. A significant percent of immigrants now are more educated, more affluent, more global and more capitalist than the average American; and significantly more so than middle America Americans. The “Rich” visa has increased in number every year and this year’s 50,000 allocation filled in less than 3 months (mostly by Chinese millionaires). These new immigrants do not come here to become “American”. They are not in any rush or obligation to assimilate, and bring all the inbreeding and nepotism of their native lands here. I am not suggesting that the older wave of immigrants were better or more moral, but the “American” framework of operation no longer applies as it once did.

It would be easy to discuss for hours and days the many aspects of this complex issue including the understandable anger of a significant portion of white America and its feeling of cultural and demographic siege. But this massive immigration of past 25 years with its profound impact on all aspects of American life, its key anti-immigrant candidates and leaders, and drivers of Immigration Reform Act of 1986 that got it all rolling, have one common denominator: Democrat or Republican administrations and congresses overwhelmingly controlled and dominated by White American Males.


Footnote: In Iowa the angriest of whites in their anti-immigration, anti-establishment fervor have shot an anti-immigrant sour Cuban with attitude to top of the polls