The recent execution of the young men by the Mollafia should end the litany of excuses for the continuation of this regime.  

The expectation of this regime somehow magically reforming itself or effecting change with non violent resistance or sanctions(i) breaking the regime economically is pure fantasy. The civil war to settle the 100+ year struggle between the religious reactionary so called traditionalists and the rest of Iranian people though undesirable may be inevitable. The regime will not give up without a fight and it’s hardcore is ready.  It has started to get ready. One indication is how IRGC’s Ettelaat division has been busy filling up Block 2-Alef(ii) of Evin with all those it considers subversive in readiness. 

The time is now for coming together without looking to the west(i) to organise armed resistance.  We must see through the smoke screen of pseudo nationalism created by the regime to use the fear of fragmenting the country. We must not forget it is the regime’s mismanagement and cruelty that has alienated the Iranian tribes. 

There is no other way. The Iran you want is not attainable without it. The 100+ year conflict has to come to a head in an open fight. 


(i) Western politics is increasingly inward looking   As for those looking to the US, or Trump, he has clearly stated several times he wants (the regime to beg) a deal so he can have his reality TV moments and claim he has done better than Obama.In any case their job is to preserve their interests not to liberate Iranians.

(ii) Block 2-A of Evin described here (in Persian)