Although mounting coffins are becoming harder and harder to deny the fact, by calling their combat units “frontline advisors” the Islamist fascists –reformers” and all- continue their pretence of not having boots on the ground in Syria fighting to save murderous Assad regime.

Above is from a series of blogs on the Islamist fascists’ costly wars, particularly in Syria.

The newly released number by the warmongering Islamist fascists puts the number of killed fighters dispatched from Iran at “over 2100”.

I like to pose this unanswered question again:

Why the peace-loving Iranian lefties, who when it comes to America and Israel, are so rightfully vociferous in condemning wars, are so silent about Islamist fascists’ many foreign war and of course the ones that tsar Putin commits?


Sanction works, U.S. Senate, get to it.

Ps. obviously, Islamist fascists' lobbies like NIAC and their associates are not expected to answer the above question.