Stevie Wonder: Don't You Worry 'bout A Thing

"Don't You Worry 'bout a Thing" is a single by Stevie Wonder, taken from his 1973 album Innervisions. ---- See dig, mama, uh, do ya understand that? (No) Well uh, like, I can understand how you can't, because I've been uh, You know, Paris, Beirut, you know, I mean Iraq, Iran, "Ukraingia", you know I speak very very um, fluent Spanish Ah, todo 'sta bien, chévere, you understand ...

Shirin: The Bohemian Girl

Michael William Balfe The Bohemian Girl "OPERA" Performed by SHIRIN

Haga llorar la guitarra: Requintista

Shirin: Lohengrin, Wedding March

Richard Wagner Lohengrin, Wedding March Performed by SHIRIN

Pharrell Williams: There's Something Special

Shirin: Issak Albeniz, Tango

Issak Albeniz :Tango Painting by Sheri Chakamian

Abel Korzeniowski: Juliet's Dream

Shirin: Armendra Danzón by Abelardo Validez

Abelardo Validez Armendra Danzón Performed by SHIRIN Paintings by Will Caldwell

Shirin: Castle Ruins

Castle Ruins Soundtrack composed and performed by SHIRIN

Nina Simone: Sinnerman

I always set my iPod to ‘random’ play. I let it surprise me. Naturally it cannot surprise me with a really bad song! but I like the setting that Led Zeppelin can come right after 9 of Beethoven. This morning the fist song that came was this song and I couldn’t leave it at ‘random’ setting. I said it’d be a terrible injustice to whatever comes next. So I set ...