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Anytime someone asks me I am gonna tell them I am an atheist, It took me a very long time to escape my fundamentalist upbringing and I am damn proud to have made it out so I'm always gonna own that shit.—Stephen W Stewart, an American atheist
"I am so confused. It wasn't supposed to be like this — of all the places, of all the countries, all the years of traveling, it's here, in Iran, that I am greeted most warmly by total strangers."—Anthony Bourdain, CNN
November 19, 2013 7:19 AM Finally Iran gets to see what it is like to be on the receiving end of terrorist attacks. Sorry I won't shed a tear for them.—rob from: texas Yahoo news on bombing near the Iranian embassy in Beirut
ALLAH o AKBAR Egyptian military overthows president Mohammed Morsi. This is Shameless face of Western morality. An elected Islamist President has been removed by a military coup & West is backing it fully Egypt is gone to the CIA!!! After Syria, we expected this controlled demolition of the Islamist government through Judiciary/Army/ Liberals حسبى الله ونعم الوكيل—From Muslim Brotherhood's Facebook page