Saudi Arabia lifts ban on women driving

How Norway Reinvented Prison

Prisons in Norway look very different than prisons in the rest of the world. In Norway the incarcerated have access to the outdoors and they can garden, learn to cook and take vocational classes. Pretty much the only thing they can’t do is leave. With one of the lowest recidivism rates in the world, Norway’s novel approach to prison might be working better than more traditional, ...

Shah's agrarian reforms. 1960s

In the early 1960s, the Shah embarked on an ambitious agrarian reform, at the base of its "white revolution". It distributes its own land to the peasants and encourages the landowners to embark on the path of this important change for the Iranian society since it leads to the modernization and the secularization of the country. The visa-free Continents team wanted to know what the peasants ...

Iran: A strategy for pushing back on Tehran

American Enterprise Institute: The Middle East is changing – the more Iran is allowed to direct the transformation of the Middle East, the more the region is likely to emerge worse off. AEI Scholar Kenneth Pollack explains why It is incumbent upon the United States to confront Iran during these times of uncertainty.

Total CEO: can't do business with Iran

Canadian Parliamentary Briefing on Iran Policy

Dr. Thomas Juneau, Ms. Peggy Mason, Dr. Omid Milani discussing Canada's Iran Policy on Parliament Hill. The event was hosted by the Iranian Canadian Congress (ICC). Parliamentarians, political staffers, officials, and representatives of multiple diplomatic missions participated in this briefing session.

Iranian women enjoy build-up to World Cup match

AP: Few people were as excited about Friday's match between Iran and Morocco taking place in St. Petersburg as Iranian women. Banned from entering stadiums in their own country, female Iranian fans were chanting "Iran", dancing and painting their faces as they were approaching Krestovsky Stadium to watch the game together with male fans. "It's my first time as an Iranian female to be in a ...

The Fight for Freedom in Modern Iran

The Carnegie Middle East Program will host Iranian journalist Masih Alijenad for a discussion on her recently published memoir and women’s rights in Iran. Masih Alinejad is a journalist and the founder of My Stealthy Freedom, a campaign to oppose laws requiring head scarves in Iran. Nina Ansary is a leading authority on women's rights in Iran, a historian and bestselling author. Her ...

Iran: Fan flies to Russia World Cup 'to be as equal as men'

Ruptly: Tehran football fan Sahar has prepared her trip to the 2018 Russia World Cup to the tiniest of details, amid an active ban on women attending men’s sports events in Iran. Footage from the Iranian capital shows Sahar visiting two sport shops to buy jerseys and a colourful array of accessories ranging from Iranian flags to stadium horns. "The most important thing is we are women ...

Iran vs Spain Highlights

Diego Costa gets luck of the bounce as Spain deny unfortunate Iran The Guardian: Amidst the din, Iran’s footballers collapsed to the floor exhausted and someone decided to put Y Viva España on the PA system. Spain had lived, but dangerously. Iran had been defeated, but only just. Three times Carlos Queiroz’s team might have scored: the first had hit the side-netting, subs ...