Al Sharpton messes up spelling name of legendary Aretha Franklin song: 'R-E-S-P-I-C-T'

Al is always full of hot air!

The Shah of Iran

Iran Will Continue To Develop Missiles

How Capitalism is Killing Itself

TEHRAN TRAVEL VLOG تهران ولاگ | persianbunny: Trump supporters in I-Ran!

Rep. Gaetz reacts to Bruce Ohr's notes about Steele

The Brits (i.e., sardabir's arbab) are behind the Russain collusion!

Human Rights Lawyer Accused of “Giving Assistance to Spies”

Nasrin Sotoudeh is one of Iran’s most acclaimed #humanrights defenders — and she continues to pay the price. Yesterday, she was handed down a new charge for assisting with #espionage , which was added to existing charges of insulting the Supreme Leader and #propaganda against the regime. #injustice

Germany's shame

Ashwaq, a Yazidi girl, kidnapped by ISIS in 2014, she fled to Germany. And there she saw the ISIS man who bought her for $100.00 walking free in Germany. He even confronted her After talking to German police, the officers told her that the man is an asylum seeker just like her.

US vs Iran - Strait of Hormuz

Islam's Luther...