Will the US pull out of the Iran nuclear deal?

Just days after US President Donald Trump called Iran a "rogue nation", Tehran said it has successfully tested a new ballistic missile. According to Iran, the Khorramshahr missile is capable of carrying multiple warheads. When world powers came together in 2015 to sign a nuclear agreement framework with Iran, it was hailed as a historic achievement. It was the first time Iran had agreed to ...

Norway under fire for deporting woman who was whipped in Iran

Blog about this savagery Norway's shamehere.

Tucker v Rob Reiner

Seinfeld: Netflix Is A Joke

Seinfeld performs for Frank And Claire from the House of Cards.

Iraq: In the ruins of Mosul's old city

The Enduring Powers of Mosul’s Rich and Diverse Cultural History by Stephennie Mulder The Wire: Mosul was founded in ancient times, on the outskirts of the older Assyrian city of Nineveh. The precise date of the city’s foundation is unknown, but at least from the medieval era, it was known as “Madinat al-anbiya’” or “City of the Prophets,” with ...

Tabriz , a long poem by Ali Abdolrezaei

تبریز یکی از شعرهای بلند علی عبدالرضایی ست که در این ویدیو ترجمه انگلیسی آن اجرا شده است

Paris in Renault , a long poem by Ali Abdolrezaei

Translation and performance: Abol Froushan

war war to victory , a polyphonic poem by Ali Abdolrezaei

Translation and performance: Abol Froushan

Sergey Lavrov Speech To UN (9-21-17) |

The US handed Iraq over to the Iranians

FRANCE24: Call it rebuttal time. After Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu, the turn of Iranian president Hassan Rouhani to address the UN General Assembly. He needled Trump, picking up on his "rogue state" rhetoric while defending the nuclear agreement.Since Rouhani''s last UN speech he''s been re-elected, but how much of a mandate does he have in a nation where final say goes to clerics and ...