Opening video of the Firouz Farman Farmaian’s exhibition @firouzfarmanfarmaian "Poetry of the tribe" at Salomonartgallery in Tribeca, New York. Audiovisual director: Numa Roades. Farman Farmaian has had exhibitions all over the world in galleries and institutions such as GRK Gallery (Paris and Hamburg), Shirin Gallery (New York and Tehran), Maior Gallery (Mallorca), Niavaran Cultural Center (Tehran), Marrakech Museum (Marrakech), Iranian Heritage Foundation (London), Janet Rady Fine Arts (Art Basel, Basel), Magic of Persia Foundation (Dubai, Monte Carlo and Los Angeles), Fabien Fryns Fine Arts (Marbella). Presented in the HIH Farah Pahlavi Collection, the Collection of the Behnam Bakhtiar Foundation and the Mo Afkhami Collection, among others. He currently has his studio and artist gallery in Marbella, Spain.