A U .S. warplane shot down a Syrian jet on Sunday near theIslamic State-held city of Raqqah, officials said, marking the latest escalation between the U.S. and Syria since the blood-soaked civil war began six years ago.

The Pentagon said the U.S.-led coalition took the unprecedented move after a Syrian Su-22 attack aircraft bombed its allies who were fighting Islamic State militants south of the city of Tabqah, roughly 25 miles west of Raqqah.

Farther south, near a small military base in the southern Syrian town of Tanf, the U.S. military has conducted three airstrikes in less than a month against what it says are forces directed by the Iranian government and loyal to Assad.

On June 8, a U.S. F-15 fighter jet shot down an Iranian-made drone after it fired on partnered ground forces in southern Syria. But Sunday was the first time an American jet destroyed an enemy aircraft in air-to-air combat since February 2009.

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