This past March, Iran’s foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif went on NBC news and said that “Iran saved the Jews three times in its history” in his typical efforts to do public relations damage control for the Iranian regime. During his interview with NBC journalist Anne Curry, Zarif shamefully tried to spin history in favor of the radical and brutal Islamic regime in Iran by trying to take credit for the Jews being saved during the story of Purim thousands of years, for the ancient Persian king Cyrus who freed the Jews from Babylonian captivity and for Abdol Hussein Sardari, an Iranian diplomat based in Nazi-occupied France who saved Jews during World War II.


From the perspective of Iranian American journalists like myself who are all too familiar with the current Iranian regime, I thought Zarif’s comments were nothing short of hilarious! The Iranian regime since 1979 has done everything in their power to distance themselves from the ancient Zoroastrian Persian Empire and also from the activities of the Pahlavi kings during the 20th century. So it is downright funny to see Zarif rushing to take credit for the past good deeds of two dynasties from Iran’s past that the regime totally abhors! Yet what is truly pathetic about Zarif’s recent comments is that he totally ignores the heinous record of executions, assassinations, imprisonment and persecution of Jews carried out since 1979 by the same radical Islamic regime in Iran which he proudly services under. What Curry and most Western journalists typically fail to ask and press Zarif on are the specific questions of human rights violations and irrefutable facts of the current Iranian regime’s horrible history when it comes to the Jews of Iran during the last 36 years.

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