But for whom?


There is no shortage of strong opinions on either side of U.S. IRI nuclear deal; mostly from usual suspects. There is no shortage of crooks and scums on either side of this deal either. No good intent will be forthcoming from Israel for sure. That's not how Israel works. The same is true for IRI.

U.S. under Bush or now Bush light, or before either of them could not care less about any specific country in the region outside of protecting the same or similar set of assets and resources in a different formation. Lobby money and typical political prostitution processes are hard at play and the winners are always a small group on either far side.

This deal will certainly establish IRI for good; lack of it however, does not mean war. If war comes it won't be because there was or was not a deal on Nukes. Even if IRI gets nuclear, other key regional countries like Turkey and SA will also get it quickly and neutralize the impact. It’ll be handed to them as it was to Pakistan and India; or Israel for that matter.

People of Iran by overwhelming majority seem to support this deal. Much like they did the devolution. There was not much thinking involved; then or now.

The basic assumption behind it is that economic prosperity will trump other concerns and bring about reform even if slowly. That is the kind of hallucination that brought us 1979 and khomeini and then Rafsanjani and then Khatami/Rouhani and mass killing of Studends and then AN and then Rouhani with record number of executions taking place…with episodes of Mousavi and the other molla as potential future leaders with prison and resistance credibility within this regime….yet the only constant has been IRI inside circle (conservatives and reformists) tightening their control, amassing astronomical wealth, massive inbreeding, and holding on to power at untold cost and consequence to Iran and Iranians.

Binary thinking has been and will continue to be Iran’s demise and Iranians deserve everything they get if they make this mistake yet again. The fact that Israel is so fiercely opposed to this deal is not a reason to be for it. That Bush light and Kerry are so anxious to get this deal is no reason to oppose it.  But the fact that IRI is so anxious to make this deal says a lot. This is the key to eternal longevity for IRI.

U.S., Israel, EU, Russia and China will be influencing the outcome still and the situation is dynamic. Can’t underestimate the SA/Israel lobby together. Schumer was tip of the iceberg.

For Iranians what hope is left to change, modify, reform or humanize this regime will be buried with the deal as it stands today. Iran Deal 2.0 with can buy time for Iranian people but judging by euphoria they show, they can’t wait to dig their own graves. As the chinese proverb goes: be careful what you wish for; it just might come true.