Although some paint a much different picture, a cursory review of the inescapable facts leaves no doubt about the dire state of life in Islamist fascist ruled Iran.

Economy consists of a myriad of corrupt to the bone Islamist fascist oligarchies feeding off nation’s natural resources.

Society has been reduced by Islamist fascists to few thousand super rich, millions of hand to mouth, formerly middle class, and millions in abject poverty literally selling their bodies, organs or children to be able to eat another day.

These corroborative facts are self evident about the nature and trajectory of the warmongering Islamist fascism rule over Iran.

For those who care for Iran, Iranians and reestablishment of peace and tranquility in the Middle East, changing the unreformable regime is the one and only apparent solution.

Nevertheless, Islamist fascists do have one thing going for them, the insurance policy in the form of the faulty Obama legacy nuke deal with the Islamist fascists’ Führer.

Here is how a former Obama administration official, Ray Takeyh, who used to champion the “reformist” ruse of the Islamist fascists, sizes it up:

“The regime does, however, have one thing in its favor: its nuclear agreement with the international community (officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or JCPOA.) Historically, arms-control treaties have generated their own constituency.

During the 1970s, at the height of U.S.-Soviet arms-control diplomacy, influential voices in the West did not want to pressure the Kremlin for fear that it would disrupt the agreements. The Islamic republic can count on similar forbearance from critical sectors of Washington. Many will feign concern about Iran’s terrorism or human rights abuses, but will rebuff attempts to impose truly crippling sanctions on Tehran. The legitimacy and longevity of the regime will not be questioned by those whose foremost priority is sustaining a deficient arms-control accord.”

In other words; given Iranian people are, and have been, under crippling sanctions by the Islamist fascists, at best, some defenders of the status quo will concede and even condemn the horrendous human rights record, warmongering and expansionist policies of the unreformable Islamist fascism ruling over Iran.

They might even agree with the U.S. State department’s designation of the Islamist fascists –“reformers” and all as the world’s most prolific sponsor of International terrorism, but regime change through crippling sanctions ala South Africa, nothing doing.


Sanction works, U.S. House, get to it.

Picture above; one of the public murders (hangings) by the Islamist fascists.

Video ↓; day before yesterday, horror of a family night at the movie in Irana public flogging by the Islamist fascists in front of a movie theater.