50 Characteristics of Iranian Culture

50 Characteristics of Iranian Culture for Non-Iranian Therapists/coaches. Video produced by Kaveh Mir Tahmasebi.

Ban Upon a Star

Directed by Samannaz Rouhanimanesh. This documentary follows the lives of two Iranian students in the Unites States in the wake of Muslim ban executive order.


Thrillist: Get crunchy with this perfect persian fried rice: thrl.st/2n4wey6

100 and Counting: A funny, moving look at the secrets of a long life

CBC: Ashraf and Mohammed have been married to each other for 80 years. No, that is not a typo. Ashraf is 100 and Mohammed is about to turn 110. In this hyper-accelerated era of interconnectivity — where access is infinite and love is a “right swipe” away — how does the world look if you’ve been around for a century? What kind of wisdom do you have on tap? 100 ...

Iranian of the Day: Yahya Hashemi, Restaurant Co-Owner in Montreal

A Montréal restaurant owner started giving free meals to people who couldn't afford to pay. As Mike Armstrong reports, he's touched the hearts of all kinds of people he's never met.

Love and dreams for every child | Sahel Rosa | TEDxKyoto

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Sahel Rosa, actress, radio and TV commentator and Human Rights Watch goodwill ambassador, takes us on a journey that begins with her own childhood spent in an orphanage in Iran. Inspired supported by the love of her adoptive mother, Sahel strives to help all children live lives full of love and ...

Getting Real With A Muslim Porn Star

Meet Nadia Ali, a practicing muslim who has also worked in the adult entertainment industry. Watch her get real with R29!

Norooz Bee with Maz Jobrani

Ever wonder how to spell and say the name of the Persian New Year?

Remembering Dr. E. Edward Nybe (1934-2015)

A short biography created by John Nybe about the life of our beloved father, Iranian American Dr. E. Edward Nybe

Israeli-American actress imitates Iranian Jewish mother [2 clips]

Playlist of 2 clips of LA actressYafit Josephson, who doesn't seem to be of Persian descent,impersonating Iranian Jewish woman during Persian Jewish new years. Josephson gets some quirks of Iranian accent wrong. For example, native Persian speakers tend to place a vowel at the beginning of English words that actually start w/ 2 consecutive consonants, such as "ess-mart" "ess-pice" for ...