A Greek Song Performed by SHIRIN

Charlotte Gainsbourg: Deadly Valentine

Seiji Ozawa: Bach: Suite No. 3 Ouverture. Air

巴赫 管弦樂組曲第三號D大調,第二樂章 Bach, Johann Sebastian Overture (Suite) No. 3 in D major, BWV 1068 00' 05' 30 ---------------------------------- II. Air 00' 05' 30 Conductor: Seiji Ozawa 指揮: 小澤征爾 Mito Chamber Orchestra 水戶室內管弦樂團

Shirin: Yesterday

Paul McCartney Yesterday piano version performed by SHIRIN Images: Liverpool yesterday

Leif Segerstam - Sinfónica de Galicia: Scheherazade

Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov (1844-1908) Scheherazade, op. 35 Galicia Symphony Orchestra (2015) Leif Segerstam - Conductor Slava Chestiglazov - Lead violinist Recorded at the Opera House in Coruna (Spain), on 15 May 2015 Sound recording: Pablo Barreiro

Shirin: Carnival of Venice Piano Version

The Carnival of Venice, is a folk tune popularly associated with the words "My hat, it has three corners" (or in German, Mein Hut, der hat drei Ecken). A series of theme and variations has been written for solo trumpet, as "show off" pieces that contain virtuoso displays of double and triple tonguing, and fast tempos. Piano Version performed by SHIRIN

Perényi, Schiff: Schubert - Arpeggione Sonata

Arpeggione Sonata, D.821 by Franz Peter Schubert: Miklós Perényi: Cello András Schiff: Piano I. Allegro moderato (A minor) - 0:27 II. Adagio (E major) - 11:11 III. Allegretto (A major) - 16:52

Shirin: Pipi Longstocking, Pipi Langstrumpf , Soundtrack

Soundtrack by Konrad Elfers Piano Version Performed by SHIRIN

Rana Mansour: No Place Like Home

Shirin: Hungarian Dance, Regtime Version

Johannes Brahms Hungarian Dance No.5 Regtime Version Performed by SHIRIN