Call on UN to set up independent investigation

In a damning new report on mass prison killings in Iran in 1988, Amnesty International has today named a number of high-ranking officials who were involved in the forced disappearance and secret execution of thousands of political dissidents.

These include:

Alireza Avaei, Iran’s current minister of justice, who was the prosecutor general of Dezful in Khuzestan province and was tasked with participating in a so-called “death commission” in that city.

Hossein Ali Nayyeri, who acted as Shari’a judge in the Tehran “death commission”, who is today head of the Supreme Disciplinary Court for Judges.

Ebrahim Raisi, the deputy prosecutor general of Tehran in 1988 and another member of the Tehran “death commission”, who ran for the presidency in 2017 and has held several high-profile positions, most recently as the country’s prosecutor general until 2016.

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