The Trudeau government continues to flip flop when it comes to its foreign policy objectives.

Does Canada want to champion human rights and liberal democratic values, or does it want to befriend rogue nations and work to build new alliances – even with historically adversarial regimes?

While all eyes were on Prime Minister Trudeau in China this week, there is another example of Trudeau’s two-faced approach to human rights and foreign policy: Iran.

Last month, Canada led efforts at the United Nations to pass a draft resolution condemning Iran for its grave human rights abuses.

Canada has sponsored this initiative on the world stage for 14 years, following the brutal rape, torture and murder of a Canadian journalist, arbitrarily arrested by Iranian regime officials in 2003.

Unfortunately, Liberals in the Senate have opposed this bill, without offering any amendments or working towards a compromise.

Many believe this is because the Liberal party actively courts the vote of Iranian ex-pats who are sympathetic to the Iranian regime.

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