Islamic Conservative Marriage

Raisi & Ghalibaf, Islamic Conservative Marriage

The Return Of The I.R The Three Stooges

Iranian presidential election, 2017:

Hassan Rouhani. President of I.Iran.
Ebrahim Raisi. Former Attorney-General of I.Iran.
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Former President of I.Iran.

Get ready!


Very easy quiz question, Who are they?

1- ?

2- ?

3- ?

Star Wars gets world premiere

Hassan Jabba Rohani


Psycho - Sed Ali Bates

Anti-Terrorism Coalition

Iranian Bogeyman

Bogeyman Is Sed Ali Khamenei

On the occasion of the passing of the old fart!

An old cartoon of mine first published in before I got thrown out. :)


US Police Shooting Practice