The late Shah of Iran was a fool to challenge the media ... 


During his entire reign he was accused of "magalomania" when defending the use of the term the "Persian Gulf" or when attacking the "permssivness" of western democracies or blaming the American Jewish Lobbies for deserving Israeli interests by highjacking the press. ( Watch Mike Wallace Interview here  ) 


Corporate media never forgave the Persian Monarch for that. His downfall and rule was even outrageously compared to that of "adolf hitler" of the middle east. How ironic that given what followed that In retrospect his fall today is seen as "The Fall From Heaven" ( i.e: 

A New Book Defends Iran's Last Shah - The New York Times)



During his rule all his comments were dismissed as delusional but in retrospect he was right on every single point. He lost his crown largely due to his outspokenness which ruffled feathers of the Western Moral Majority largely shaped by the corporate medias of the time.


In the end of the day the corporate press by large is Liberal and stick together when the stakes are high. Criticize the establishment and you are a lame duck if not a dead one. 


I am not comparing Trump to the Shah but the Republican nominee who has been trying to "insult his way to the Presidency" is to a large extent victim of not just his own extravagant persona but perhaps more importantly for his blunt observations on the political and media establishment at large be it the New York Times ( which Trump often self righteously describes as "That failing newspaper nobody reads anymore" ... ) or CNN in particular which in the latter case contributed to the Tycoon's rise and now like a Dr. Frankestien  relishing at the prospect of the inevitable downfall of the "monster" they themselves created at the expense of the candid voters who can only feel outcasted in a choice which is not even theirs. 


As such there is something terribly biased about the way the ENTIRE Press ... I mean the ENTIRE press ( including Fox News) is attacking Trump instead of debating the issues raised during the last debate by both candidates. It's as if they want to decide the outcome of the elections even before the debate even started and now knowing that voting has actually started in some states they are raising the expectations so high in order to influence your choice when going for what is normally your secret ballot. 


Unless some extraordinary and unexpected twist ... Hillary Clinton will certainly win next november. 


But she did not deserve it ... she's been catapulted into the Oval Office by the very establishment many consider rigged. Too many personal interests are at stake to even bother to debate or hold accountable the real culprits of what is going on be it economically, socially or in Foreign Policy. 


An Irony that the same media which was branding Mitt Romney as a "Neo Con Warmonger" now sees him as a "respectable" Republican. Bush goes cozy with Michelle Obama as if the War on Terror was ancient history.


All this is disingenuous and terribly fake ... 

Ultimately the real victim of this kind of media manipulation won't be Donald Trump ... it will be democracy itself. 


Oh and Forget the crocodile tears over Aleppo ... that tragedy is not even at the heart of this campaign as it should be.


Gary Johnson probably is the only sane person in this entire Crazy Election whose naive response highlighted the gap between what the partisan press say's and what it doesn't do: Inform.