Iran: Politics, Gulf Security, and U.S. Policy 

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"Some Iranians outside Iran, including in the United States, want to replace the regime with a constitutional monarchy led by Reza Pahlavi, the U.S.-based son of the late former Shah and a U.S.-trained combat pilot. The Shah’s son, who was born in 1960, has delivered statements condemning the regime for the post-2009 election crackdown and he has called for international governments to withdraw their representation from Tehran. He appears periodically in broadcasts into Iran by Iranian exile-run stations in California,7 as well as in other Iran-oriented media.


Pahlavi has always had some support particularly in the older generation in Iran, but he has tried to broaden his following by denying that he seeks a restoration of a monarchy. Since March 2011, he has been increasingly cooperating withand possibly attempting to co- opt—younger leaders in a “National Council of Iran” (NCI), which was established along with over 30 other groups in April 2013. The Council drafted democratic principles for a post-Islamic republic Iran but has since suffered defections and its activity level declined. "


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Iran: Politics, Gulf Security, and U.S. Policy by Kenneth Katzman

Specialist in Middle Eastern Affairs August 19, 2016 

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