With the almost imminent nuke deal, what is emerging and expected is a strong, economically vibrant and open Iran. Surely, that is what most Iranians and lobbyist believe and pushed for; except False news that trumpets some sort of redneck and neocon view of the universe. So as always we end up with extreme views that have little bearing on reality. It’s this deal or war and mayhem.

The publisher of this site for example has declared victory of Iranians over IR via Internet. In other words, ‘we the people’ have defeated the Islamic republic in a “majazi” universe by blogging and Facebooking them to death as I’m doing right now and will continue my heroic fight via instagram and other weapons of mass destruction as I ask people I know inside Iran to ignore Islamic law and party on to show this regime how impotent and defeated it has become.

In the interim and specially after flow of tens of billions to the pockets of Khamenei, pasdars and other impotent islamists, and the world ignoring everything they have done for the past four decades, they will have learned their lesson and do ‘tobeh’ and stop stealing, raping the people and environment, executions, abusing Soofi’s, killing Bahaii’s, fingering everyone else including other Islamic lands, stop horing the country to China, Russia, and now U.S. and friends… Of course, it may take a few years; say 10 or 20; roghly how long it took the same kind of prediction on NIAC to bear results, before we fully achieve this enlightened state of Islamic regime.

But with Islamic regime getting richer and controlling massive sums of new fresh money and influence than they ever had before they will become less uptight, more inclusive and soften and become like the rest of us. So let’s stop war mongering and be positive and bubbly. Just remember through this nuke deal and giving mollas everything they had been deprived of and all they wished for until now, the global community has finally brought them to their knees and pulled out defeat from jaws of victory. So let’s put our differences aside and unite behind this deal and help build this bridge to a bright and glorious future together.