The toll slimic republic has taken on us and the common understanding these slime balls will never reform or leave in peace, makes it easy to latch on to any position that treats them with force, disdain and vitriolic language they ushered into world politics almost four decades ago. Now being copied by likes of Duterte and Trump. It is also rather easy to hope against hope, sooner or later, that this time is different as various blogs on Iroon have showcased; in to bemire az oon to bemiria nist because Trump is different.


He is different all right. Much like Khomeini was and Khamenei, Rouhani, Khatami and Mousavi are un-Iranian. Indeed, much like people of Iran a few decades earlier, Americans bet on something & someone that is un-American. Trump is a relatively well known entity. A shady track record of success in business with all kinds of blemishes on it. Not trustworthy, no sense of empathy, no real world-view and relatively low IQ. Just like Iran of 4 decades ago people have jumped on the bandwagon of hope taking them to the hole they won’t be able to easily climb out of.

Yet similar hopes were abundant in early Bush days and Bush is a picture of statesmanship and intelligence compared to this half-human bizzaro thing. Again just like people in Iran expected Khomeini to do other than what he did.

The military confrontation that is the hope of many to put slimic republic out of its miserable existence is also does not stand to reason. Fully supported by China & Russia a war with Iran is the opportunity for them to end U.S. hegemony as its British version a century earlier; at Iran’s expense of course. The likely foes will be Israel & SA alongside U.S.

Of course, it’ll serve multiple purposes including remapping of Middle east, creation of Kurdistan as Israel has suggested and as usual there will be enough wild cards that no one can reasonably predict what the end game will be. One thing is for sure, that if U.S. could not put away Afghanistan and Iraq (or Syria to a lesser extend) it is not likely to put away a hated yet muscular Islamic regime that has full geopolitical and economic alignment with Russia and China and willing to be their bulldog.

In midst of all this ugliness and incompetence comes a breath of fresh air called Bachmann; not the intellectually challenged Michelle but the magnificent Carmen, formerly unemployed, dependent on social welfare woman, now a professor of tax and finance at Leipzig University whose creative approach to helping refugees has already made enough noise for EU to start listening