Hovering cars close to becoming reality

Iran's Uber App

Tehran in the Spotlight

In today’s Tehran, LED lights have become so much more than just a source of light. They range in color usage and decoration. In many areas of Tehran, these lights are being used to better brighten city bridges, buildings and parks. Reza Nayebi tells us more.

Iranian president urges internet acceptance

Euronews: In Tehran going to an internet cafe could be about to get easier, because Iran's president, Hassan Rouhani, has urged Iran's clerics to accept new technologies, including the internet. He faces opposition on the issue from conservative clerics who say mobile internet makes sharing immoral images easier. Hassan Rouhani denied this. "We cannot close the gates of the world to our ...

TubeTime review - Turn any smart phone into an interactive TV guide and remote control

TubeTime review - Turn any smart phone into an interactive TV guide and remote control

Silver Bullet: Farhad Sorourifar's Electric Car

Farhad Sorourifar displays his electric car called the Silver Bullet, which he built himself. The interview takes place in Canyon Lake, CA with Walter Davis and Nilsa Higgins of Walter Davis Global Broadcasting. Farhad is the President of the National Electric Vehicle Association and Solar Saves America.

Bijan Sabet on why Boston didn't become Silicon Valley

PandoMonthly: Bijan Sabet explains why Boston, despite many advantages, didn't become the next Silicon Valley. Forbes: Bijan Sabet works out of Boston but beat most all Silicon Valley investors to one of the biggest exits of 2013: Twitter. Sabet got Spark Capital into Twitter as early as 2008 and reloaded a couple more times, holding a board seat until 2011. At the November IPO Spark was ...

Why everyone may have a personal air vehicle

BBC: The idea of having a part car, part plane, part drone parked outside your home may not be as far-fetched as it seems. There really aren’t any technological hurdles to this. We are going to have personal air vehicles that are both cars and planes, at least that’s Missy Cummings’s vision of the future. It’s basically the intersection of a drone with a robotic car, ...

Iranian architects design 3D printed vases

GeMo is designed by studio INTEGRATE, an award winning architectural studio located in London. The studio was founded by Mehran Gharleghi and Amin Sadeghy, in 2011. GeMo is designed by an algorithm that creates over 500 individual vases. Each GeMo is individually unique, yet partially resembles its neighbouring relative. We call them Genetically Modified (GeMo). Each GeMo is named after its ...

Chris Domas: Cyber warfare

TED: Chris Domas is a cybersecurity researcher, operating on what's become a new front of war, "cyber." In this engaging talk, he shows how researchers use pattern recognition and reverse engineering (and pull a few all-nighters) to understand a chunk of binary code whose purpose and contents they don't know. TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED ...