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The Black Tear Official Trailer- Fathollah Amiri - 2016

Cheetah, for its dark tear line that is stretched from its eyes all the way to the rims of its mouth, is distinct from other cat-like animals. Asiatic Cheetah is a different sub-species from African Cheetah and since it is extinct in all the regions of the world except Iran, it is called Iranian Cheetah. Today less than 100 of this meritorious species are left and it is considered a critically...

Racing Extinction Song Trailer

Koko the Gorrilla's message for humans

Noé lets nature have its say for this edition of the COP21. How? With Koko, a female gorilla who belongs to one of the rarest species on earth which can communicate using sign language, and the only one that can send a message to mankind : the preservation of biodiversity must be written in the Paris Agreement.


Mahsa Vahdat Concert, Cowell Theater, San Francisco, April 22, 2017