With the exponential expansion of technology, did we lost our chance to be on​ the edge?  Is it possible to create knowledge-base and high-tech startups even in an ​exceptional situation of Iran? Iran internet history will show us the way ahead in reflection of the past.​

"Mohammad Kazem Ghanbari was born in 1970, he holds a BA in computer engineering from Sharif University and a master in MBA from Industrial management institute. He was a part of Iranian companies like Iran System, Data Processing Iran(DPI), Safineh and Procom Technology for almost 10 years and now he manages his own company Ghasedak Samaneh for two decades. He was one of the first Iran internet users and he turned Safineh company to a pioneer ISP in Iran and then he found Ghasedak Samaneh to use his experience for solving problems of other ISPs in Iran by creating and presenting comprehensive solutions for them.

Since 1989 he had an active role in some national projects and Since 1999, the CEO of Ghasedak Samaneh has been working on providing key solutions for TELECOM companies. He was honored in 2010 as the “competent Director of Informatics” in Iran. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.