In the big scheme of things, particularly, in light of all the mass dying that is going on in the Middle East, why would 6 more dead make a difference?

At this very moment, at leas 6 prisoners of conscience and political prisoners are on hunger strike in the Islamist fascist –“reformers” and all- dungeons.

Some of them, like Ali Shariati, who got 5 years for protesting the acid attacks against women for not wearing the mandatory Islamist Hijab tightly enough, are in their 3rd month of not eating and will soon die.


Must these 6 in Iran die?

What would inaction on the part of those enjoying freedom say about them?

How long is the sane world going to play footsie with the murderous, unreformable Islamist fascist warmongers?


Sanction works, U.S. Senate, get to it.

picture above:Ali Shariati, Saeed Shirzad, Mohammad Reza Nekounam, Mehdi Koukhian, Nizar Zakka, and Mohammad Saber Malek Reisi