The rise of a Russian-Iranian-Turkish triumvirate is a hugely significant development….. Since all three countries are worried about restive territories that might secede, they have a common interest in preventing the formation of Kurdistan. Similarly they have a common interest in resisting regime change or state break-up in their respective regions – that is, unless they’re in control of the process.

Perhaps the best example is Russia, Prussia and Austria’s “Holy Alliance” to protect themselves from what they saw as destabilizing ideas and influences.

Above is from a long piece titled" Why Russia, Turkey and Iran are natural allies"  by Adrian Campbell “Senior Lecturer in International Development, University of Birmingham.”

It is so sad to see many ideologue-academicians in the free world turning and twisting to come up with a plausible excuse, a backdoor justification for the criminality of Czar Putin, and his two Islamist sidekicks, Turkey’s Erdogan and Iran’s Islamist Führer.

Thanks to eight years of disastrous Obama presidency, Axis of punks has formed, it will take determination to undo all the damage, immense destruction to lives and property by these punks.

Let’s hope all the lovey-dovey talks between president elect Trump and czar Putin is just that, talks,  and once in the White House, the most powerful man in the world will do what America is destined to do, propagate democracy, fight tyranny and sending punks packing.


Sanction works, U.S. Senate, get to it.