Iran would love a much higher oil price, to cover all the looting and robbery by the ruling Mullahs, send some cash to Hezbollah and Ansarollah, and leave a little Bokhor-Namir for the Khalghola!

Saudi loves higher oil, to fund its endless need to finance "make work" projects inside and "make war" projects outside the kingdom.

US of A likes higher oil prices too, to turn the tide on the local oil industry (bet you didn't know that US is the largest oil producer)!

What better way to increase the prices, than by creating a war, especially a Zargari war?

The best kind of Zargari war is the one that ocurs outside one's borders, and does not destroy the country of the main players. But the problem with any Zargari war is that it can get out-of-control.

Yemen, Syria, Lebenon and Iraq have been the Zargari war zones of Iran vs. Saudi for 10 years now ... but things are getting out of control. Just look at the title page of Kayhan (mouth piece of Ayatofla Khamenei) that gave away too much information and caused its temporary closure by President Rohani.

Who will be the winner? For sure neither the Persians nor the Arabs!