Abby Zimet:

Because it's not bad enough he's reportedly leading in the polls in Alabama, where we're pretty sure we don't want to live, and he's a God-spouting bigot who fetishizes the 10 Commandments and thinks homosexuality should be illegal and believes Sharia law is taking over the country, and he's a serial child molester in denial who insists people oppose him in the Senate because "they don't want to hear about God" and in an unhinged speech at a Baptist church just blamed liberal, gay, bi, trans, socialist elites - wait, all of 'em? - who "want to change our culture" by putting man above God and also "want to keep everything the same" - wait, what?!? - for his crimes....because all this wasn't enough, it turns out that Roy Moore co-authored a legal "textbook" based on courses that reflected a Gilead-like world view, celebrated the concept of "Biblical patriarchy," condemned "the heresy of feminism," and argued women shouldn’t hold public office because God needs them to make babies. Of course he did.

For at least a decade, dating back to 1999, Moore served on the “faculty” of the so-called “Witherspoon School of Law and Public Policy,” which wasn't in fact a school but a series of audio and visual lectures to men by men, and a study guide. It was run by Vision Forum, a Texas-based evangelical organization headed by Doug Phillips; it closed in 2013 after Phillips was sued by a woman (not his wife) who said he'd emotionally and sexually abused her in a relationship since she was 15. Huh. Among the lectures was William Einwechter's  “What the Bible Says About Female Magistrates.”

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