EP Guardian:

 Boris Johnson has backed Donald Trump’s approach to the North Korean crisis – but urged the US president to stick to the Iran nuclear deal.

The Foreign Secretary said the president had an “absolute duty” to prepare “any option” in response to Kim Jong Un’s regime.

But he said no one wants a military response to the crisis and suggested that the Iran process represented the kind of “diplomatic imagination” that could provide a solution. 

 Comparing the situation to the Cold War, the Foreign Secretary said: “The public can be forgiven for genuinely starting to wonder whether the nuclear sword of Damocles is once again held over the head of a trembling human race.”

In a speech to the Chatham House foreign affairs think tank, Mr Johnson said the Pyongyang regime’s nuclear ambitions would not make the country safer.

“No one wants any kind of military solution to the problem,” he said...

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