Unconfirmed classifed reports are surfacing that Putin has been cultivating and supporting Trump's bid for presidency, through indirect cash transfers and direct hacking actions.

Furthermore, those reports allege that Putin has successfully obtained sex tapes of the Donald's pervert actions in Moscow and St. Petersburg in 2013. Those tapes are supposedly obtained as a way to influence or blackmail Trump as president.


If those allegations are correct, then Hilary Clinton's accusation of Trump being "Putin's puppet" would be proven.

The sexual tapes are described in the unverified security dossier as very perveted, including group sexual acts with Trumps and prostitutes, culminating in a group "golden shower", i.e. urination.

It is alleged, but not verified, that the group urination act was performed on the same bed in the Moscow Ritz presidential suite that Obamas had stayed before, as a way to demonstrate Trump's hatred of the first lady (Michelle) in 2013.


Putin has been a key supporter of Ali Khamenei (supreme leader of Iran) and Bashar Al-Assad (president of Syria). Next week, he may be adding a new figurine to his global puppet show!