Once again, the unelected fine (looking) folks at Farhang (emphasis on Hang), have as they say, "Done it Again..."
If you have not heard about it, like most who might immediatelly object to this kind of stupidity, you've probably been excluded.
The Farhangis have taken it upon themselves to uphold everything anyone has ever assumed about the generally low level of intelligence exemplified in Tehrangeles, and are now embarking on a $2.5M journey of the obtuse.
2 stainless steel cylinders, a smaller gold colored one, locked inside a larger silver one. Shaped not by the obvious choice, Persian Cuneform (Khat-e-Mikhi), but by something resembling barbed-wire.
Farhangis actually think this is a modern re-invention of the Cyrus Cylinder. Yet with all the holes, it clearly looks like a Cyrus Collander.
Yes folks, this is what $2.5M buys you from a Sri Lankan sculptor.
Which is very very funny if you think about it.
If you can stop laughing, and continue to think about it though, this is actually the perfect metaphor.
If you look at the gold cylinder inside the silver cylinder, you can't help but see this, 
"Iranian Freedom, Imprisoned by Iranian Oppression".
It is in many ways the same old boring adage, "Man's inhumanity to Man".
It is even more hilarious to think that LA Iranians would spend/waste $2.5M on such an obvious statement of self deprecation. In plain public view no less.
Although we are usually very often humiliated, projects like this make it appear like maybe we will learn from yet more humiliation. But with projects like these, apprently we don't.
According to the Sri Lankan Sculptor (Wow! Are Sri Lankans even known for being great sculptors?), the artificially colored gold inner Cylinder is meant to symbolize "...the secret – a precious, yet fragile, freedom within..."
Of course "freedom within", means NO freedom on the outside. Which is aptly symbolized by the larger Silver cylinder surrounding, nay choking, the gold cylinder from view. 
Or, the Cold Hard Steel of "Tyranny", Oppressing and Choking the Warmth of Golden "Freedom".
I'm starting to LOVE this design!
If this wasn't all just purely an entire cruel accident, by a few self-important ignorant people with clearly no taste, or even the slightest sense of art, or irony, deciding once again, what is "good enough digeh" for the rest of us, it would be the perfect symbol of us.
But you should not be upset. Since this is a metaphor for Oppression, it has nothing to do with the Cyrus Declaration that Farhang thinks it has.
This oppressive monument to our Oppression, does not in any way shape or form, resemble the dried up, fast flaking, quickly crumbling, increasingly irrelevant, yet to this day, somehow still hilarious Clay Cyrus Cylinder.
And this, my good (and angry) friends, is what our "Farhang" has come to.