Iran Wire:

Over the last few days, Iranians have gone on to Twitter to condemn authorities’ use of “preventive arrests” during the recent protests, insisting the practice was illegal under Iranian law. 

Using the hashtag “preventive arrest” (#بازداشت_پیشگیرانه in Persian), many people responded to a tweet by Farid Mousavi, a member of parliament for Tehran. On January 6, he tweeted that while he was trying to track the fate of protesting university students, authorities had confirmed they had arrested many of them as a preventive measure and that they planned to release them within a day.

Parvaneh Salahshouri, another representative from Tehran, said that around 90 students had been arrested. She identified the intelligence ministry as the agency responsible for the arrests.

The families of those arrested in the protests have largely stayed silent. Informed sources say that a number of families have not been given any information about the arrests of their loved ones and that many of them have gathered outside the gates of Evin Prison on a daily basis hoping for news about them.

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