For a "family values" candidate, Trump surely has a number of key negatives going, based on his alleged treatment of women!

A serious case pending is the alleged child rape of a 13 year old girl, at a party hosted by convicted pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein:

The case has been crawling slowly through the legal system, with the mainstream media ignoring it, until Trump's latest sex assault allegation cases and his infamous "Grab Them by the Pussy" tape.

Trump has perviously been accused of sexual assaults too. Moreover, there are many indications in Trump's behavior and language that has made oberservers draw a parrallel with the now fully blown sex assault cases against other celebrities, who think that a celebrity can do ANYTHING to a nasty woman:

Trump's threats to imprison Hilary, now seem omionous for Trump himself, if this allegation and so many others come to prevail in court, against Trump's repeated denials.