INCREDIBLE!  Travel to Rasht, Iran in 2024 and visit the Rasht Bazaar, one of the MOST FAMOUS MARKETS in all of Iran.  The bazaar sits in Municipality Square which dates back to Pahlavi dynasty.

Unlike similar traditional bazaars, the Rasht market is not covered and has no ceiling domes.  The bazaar has maintained its traditional appearance throughout the years and is still a place where agricultural products, different fish, local foods and handicrafts are sold.

Here I had SO MUCH FUN with locals who were SUPER EXCITED to see and talk to an American tourist and show me the fish, chickens, sheep heads, vegetables and more!

DON'T TRUST THE MEDIA... Iran is full of wonderful people who LOVE AMERICA and welcome you to visit the "Cradle of Civilization"!   

Rasht (the capital city of Gilan Province) is the largest city on Iran's Caspian Sea coast with Mediterranean climate that it's history goes back to the 13th century.   It's the perfect stop on a road trip north of Tehran, after the Chalus Mountain range and before Ardebil and Tabriz.