In The ARENA With Dariush Soudi

Welcome to In The ARENA, where my guest in this episode is Pegah Gol, the CEO, and Founder of Personal Branding Consultancy, an angel investor, serial award-winning entrepreneur, and best-selling author. Join me as I explore the world of personal branding, career development, and the power of AI in job searching.

Key Podcast Topics Include:
Challenges of Personal Branding
Navigating Entrepreneurship during a Recession
Pegah's Career Journey
The Realities of Recruitment
Leveraging AI for Job Search

Pegah Gol's Background:

Pegah Gol is a serial award-winning entrepreneur, renowned best-selling author, and angel investor. She is the CEO and Founder of a Personal Branding consultancy and serves as an Executive Board Member and Investor in the first AI/ML Talent platform. Known as a career authority builder, Pegah has inspired countless professionals to enhance their careers, find better jobs, and refine their paths.

Podcast Highlights:

00:00 Introduction
04:13 Navigating the Challenges of Personal Branding
05:47 The Advantage of Starting a Business during a Recession
12:38 Pegah's Journey in Career Development
20:11 The Complexity of Recruitment
27:00 How Pegah Turned Her Lowest Point into a Best-Selling Book
40:09 Making a Positive Impact through Career Guidance
47:59 Attracting Clients through Authority Building
51:18 Insights into Pricing Strategies
55:21 Recommended Coaches by Pegah
1:00:58 Coping with Low Moments in Entrepreneurship
1:04:31 The Value of Mentorship
1:07:36 Exploring the AI Recruitment Program
1:19:23 Advice for Recruiters and Job Seekers

Join us for this enlightening conversation with Pegah Gol as we uncover the intricacies of personal branding, entrepreneurship, and the future of AI in the job market.