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Love Iranian cuisine? You must know how to cook the best noodle soup or Ash Reshteh.

Ash Reshte is a real treat for cold winter days and you can simply make it on a DIY tin can stove and without any special equipment, like what we did.

The noodle soup we make in our village doesn't need much; just some noodles, greens and beans. What is important is the Persian rural recipe. We followed the old Iranian village recipe step by step to cook Ash Reshteh and the taste was just amazing. It was the best noodle soup ever cooked by us in the mountain.

Ash Reshteh is so important in Persian cuisine that it is a part of Iranian table on many occasions no matter in village or in town. However, no one can beat the country side recipe for making noodles as everything we use is very fresh and organic and making it on fire gives it a smoky smell and taste which is just Fantastic.