My next street food adventure in Miami took me to Shahs of Kabob, an eatery in South Miami that offers delicious Persian cuisine! Join me and my dad as we dive into some delicious Persian street food in Miami!

Persian food is from Iran and consists of lots of meat, including kabobs, as well as salads, dips, and rice! Inside, we met Amin, who took us into the kitchen. The aroma was incredible! They were preparing chicken kabobs and beef kabobs and lamb kabobs. They offer six different kabobs, which also include churrasco and shrimp!

I watched them grill up the kabobs over the flames. It was hot standing over them! They were also making a flatbread that reminded me of Armenian lavash. It was round, like a puffed-up chapati.

Our enormous kabob platter contained 10 different kabobs, including the kubideh (lamb ribs and beef ribs), two shrimp, chicken, and two types of steak. We also had tomatoes, bread, onions, and basil on the side. Everything looked outstanding! I couldn’t wait to dive in.

Then, it was time to eat! We also had a tzatziki-like Persian dip, as well as basmati rice with saffron rice, hummus, and a sparkling yogurt soda with mint. We also had two salad bowls, one with strawberries and one with cranberries and walnuts.

We started with the kubideh with basil and bread. It was incredible! I added some of the dip, which was very creamy. It was similar to tzatziki but chunkier. The juices coming out of the lamb and beef were stellar! I loved it with the red onion which added a new level of flavor!

Next were the shrimp. It was so fresh! I love that in Central Asia, they make sandwiches with bread, different greens, and meat. Then, I went for the shrimp by itself, which was excellent.

Then, I tried the kubideh with bread and grilled tomato. It was a huge burst of juicy flavor! I loved it! Then, we took a little detour and tried some of the bread with the hummus. It was a nice, mashed chickpeas with oil on top. It was fantastic and different from the other hummuses we’d tried that week. It was so creamy!

Next was the salad with cucumber, onion, and tomatoes. It was similar to a Greek salad, except without the feta and olives. Then, we went for the rice with some of the cut-up kubideh. It was very good. I couldn’t get enough of the kabobs. They’re the best kabobs in Miami!

The chicken kabobs were amazing, especially with the dip and spices. Then, we jumped on the cranberry and walnut salad, which was very refreshing and also contained cucumbers, tomatoes, and feta cheese. The combination was amazing!

The strawberry salad with nuts, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, and onions was another summer salad, and super refreshing. I loved how nutty it was!

Next were the two filet mignons. The meat was nice and juicy but the mint and basil made it! And the bread was outstanding with it.

We finished with the regular yogurt drink, which was like a liquidy yogurt. For me, the kubideh was the best, and my dad loved the shrimp!