Amy D. White

At long last, here is the Hammock Bears video that I promised. I'm so jazzed that there's a lot more where this video came from, too. Keep an eye out. I’ll be posting more. This video may be my favorite of the lot because of the various hilariously anthropomorphic poses that the Momma Bear strikes. She is quite the character, isn’t she? And she’s brilliantly playful, too. I have compiled lots of bear family footage over the years, and I’ve never seen a Momma Bear be quite so playful with her cubs before. It’s a joy to witness.

Watching this series is a bit like watching a three-ring circus. I can always find something new to enjoy with each viewing. I hope the same thing happens for you, too. If you enjoy this video even half as much as I do, then you’ll find that life is indeed very good, at least for 3 minutes at a time. :-)

This footage is from a series of videos I’ve taken in the garden of my Western North Carolina mountain home. I have captured footage of other bears playing with this same hammock, as well. It seems our place has become quite the popular hang-out. It’s likely this video series has spoiled me for any other critter-cam footage I may capture in the future. Not that I mind, though. My heart is full!

Thank you, Momma Bear and Cubs, for bringing much-needed laughter into this world.