Political and Anti Corruption Activist, she is a an expert in Geopolitics, GeoStrategic from the Middle East. Nazila worked in the Ministry of Agriculture as a junior researcher. She was banned from continuing her higher education for two semesters as a result of her beliefs on Secular and Democratic system. After the student Protests of July 1998, desperate of all promises of the reformist president, Mohammad Khatami, she left Iran to France. She continued her higher education in the Information system and decision-making process in Paris.

After 2009, she focused all her activities on free and fair elections in Iran. Thus, Iran National Council for Free Elections was formed on April 2013 in Paris. Nowadays, She is an Elected Member of the Executive Council and serve as a Special Envoy for Human Rights of Iran National Council for Free Elections. She produces the TV Documentaries such as “Citizen Watch” to unmask the Theocratic and Kleptocratic regime and to give voices to the victims of corruption and to raise the awareness of the Iranian civil society in Iran how to struggle against corruption and how to stop the abuse of power >>>