Alireza Akhlaghi: Nature Bridge is a two-staires, non-pedestrian bridge located in Abbasabad, Tehran. A symbol of Tehran, the bridge crosses the Modares Highway and connects Taleghani gardens to the east and water and fire to the west. The architect and designer of the bridge is Diba Textile Structures Leila Iraqian and Alireza Behzadi.

The bridge is 3 meters long and weighs 5 tons. Nature Bridge is the largest non-autonomous bridge in Iran. The main body of the bridge is built on a tripod, and for its construction, two pieces of steel are cut, assembled and mounted at a height of 2 meters. More than 3 kilometers of welding and 2 cubic meters of concrete have been completed to build the bridge.

The design of the bridge is inspired by the architecture of Iranian bridges such as the Khajou Bridge and is an organic, tree-like structure that is fully environmentally and nature friendly, similar to the national and natural parks of France, Canada, the Netherlands, Belgium. Made in Malaysia and Australia. The tree form of the columns and the choice of "nature" for the bridge, both emphasize the linkage of the two green spaces by the bridge.