Vox Populi: About this film, Abby Zimet writes in Common Dreams:

First-time director Sarah Clift presents a simple story about the lengths a mother will go to for her child…. Clift shot the low-budget, award-winning film in Mexico in April 2016, when Trump was ranting about rapists but nobody seriously thought he’d be, you know, elected. The cast includes well-known Mexican actresses Monica del Carmen and Mary Paz Mata, and others Clift found through auditions and word-of-mouth; while casting, she had actors talk to a Trump piñata to gauge their feelings. She also has the mother, during her arduous search in the film, visit a cave to find a mystic who attempts, evidently unsuccessfully, to cleanse the Trump piñata of evil. The film ends with the giddy decimation of Trump, sort of. In fact, Clift says they used four piñatas total: Two “fell to destructive ends” during filming, one survives in her loft, and one “came face to face with a stick” at a London party for crew and cast the night of the election.