Netanyahu Leaks Video of Arab Leaders Blasting 'Toxic' Iran in Discreet Discussion
In a video Netanyahu uploaded to his YouTube page countries like Bahrain and Saudi Arabia say Iran blocked path to solving Israeli-Palestinian conflict




WARSAW - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's bureau uploaded to the premier's official YouTube page a video in which Arab leaders can be heard endorsing Netanyahu's message that Iran poses the biggest threat to the region during a discussion at the Warsaw Middle East summit that was held behind closed doors.

Moments after Haaretz reported on the video, it was taken down from YouTube.

The video was added in a discreet way to an announcement by the prime minister on a different topic, but while briefing reporters in Poland he hinted several times that he expected journalists to find out what was said in the discreet discussion. Netanyahu hinted as well that his team was in possession of the recording of the discussion, but that he could not leak it.

In the video, the Arab leaders can be heard speaking about the threat posed by Tehran is more "toxic" than the Arab-Israeli conflict, and also prevents the two sides for resolving it.

Bahrain's foreign minister, Shaikh Khalid bin Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Khalifa, can be heard blasting Iran as a "toxic party."

"When we come to Israel-Palestine, we had the Camp David agreement. There was Madrid. There were many other ways of solving it, and we had stayed on the same path."

"If it wasn't for the toxic party… guns and footsoldiers of the Islamic Republic, I think we would have been much closer today in solving this issue with Israel."

Al Khalifa went on to refer to Iran's presence in the Middle East as "a serious challenge that is prevent us from moving forward anywhere, be it Syria, be it Yemen, be it Iraq, be it anywhere."

He also stressed that his country is "under threat."

Also heard speaking was Saudi diplomat Adel al Jubeir, who said that in every place in the region, Iran plays a devastating role. He gave as an example what he said was Iran's support for Hamas and the Jihadic Islam that he said harm the Palestinian Authority.

Al Jubeir also blamed Iran for causing havoc in Syria, smuggling nuclear weapons to Kuwait and Bahrain, transferring weapons to terrorist organizations, building weapon factories in Sudan and trying to cause chaos in Africa, Indonesia and Thailand. He added that anyone who wants peace and stability in the Middle East needs to tell the Iranians to behave.

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