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Guardian : Meat industry blamed for largest-ever 'dead zone' in Gulf of Mexico

Food Business News: Otsuka to acquire Daiya Foods [for 325.5M (Vegan Dairy Alternatives)]

Veg News: Egg Company Reports $74M Loss Due to Vegan Alternatives

Express: Bull kills itself after its horns are SET ON FIRE in front of cheering crowd

Independent: 'Milk is inhumane' advert approved by Government watchdog

eyeopening: Ingredients Found In Popular Candy Linked To Cancer & Fertility Issues

Guardian: Blue latte: the vegan coffee that smells of seaweed and contains no caffeine INVESTORS URGE FOOD COMPANIES TO SHIFT FROM MEAT TO PLANTS – REUTERS

Huffington Post: Progress! Canada’s New Draft Food Guide Favors Plant-Based Protein and Eliminates Dairy as a Food Group Summer holiday warning: Suncream can turn ‘TOXIC’ if you swim in a chlorinated pool