Yasmin Levy - Los Angeles with Special Guests

Butterfly Buzz is proud to present Yasmin Levy’s Los Angeles premiere collaboration performance alongside special Iranian guest artists Faramarz AslaniShahrokh Moshkin Ghalam & Hamed Nikpay!
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A unique and historic concert of an exceptional Israeli singer performing in Ladino (Judeo-Spanish), with flavors of Flamenco, Turkish and Persian music, joined by three prominent Iranian artists, echoing the message of unity through art. The concert will be hosted at the historic The Theater at Ace Hotel; a delicately restored 1920’s movie palace originated by Mary Pickford and Charlie Chapman.

Yasmin Levy sings in Ladino, an ancient form of the Spanish language that was kept alive by the Sephardic Jews. With a deep, spiritual, and moving style, Yasmin Levy is a leading voice in Ladino song and culture. In addition to being a leading voice in Ladino song and culture, she is a contemporary singer/songwriter, performing in modern Spanish, as well as bringing the flavors of Flamenco, Turkish and Persian music all together into a style of her own.
Yasmin Levy made it her cause to recast and transmit the disappearing musical legacy of Ladino, the Judeo-Spanish language of the Sephardic Jewish communities that were driven from Spain in the late 15th century. Amongst Sephardic Jewish communities across North Africa, Turkey, the Balkans and the Middle East, Ladino survived as a language until almost vanishing in the 20th Century. Yasmin Levy’s father, Yitzhak Levy, was the head of the Ladino department at Israel’s National Radio, but Yitzhak died when she was only a baby. Before his passing, he had taught her mother the songs, and in turn she taught her daughter.

"Impressively powerful. A triumph." -The Guardian

Tabestoon Festival 2016

Iranian Composer Reza Safinia

The Trust (2016)

Directors: Alex Brewer, Benjamin Brewer
Writers: Benjamin Brewer, Adam Hirsch
Stars: Nicolas Cage, Elijah Wood

Music by Reza Safinia

Top Heavy Metal Vocalists in Tehran

Klaus Meine (born 25 May 1948) is a German vocalist, best known as the lead singer of the hard rock band Scorpions. He and guitarist Rudolf Schenker are the only two members of the group to appear on every Scorpions album. Meine was placed at 22 on Hit Parader’s Top Heavy Metal Vocalists of All Time list in 2006. Now he is visitng Tehran because of his friend Prof. Samii.



Persrock is a music project founded by Farzad Alipur in 2012 in Zurich, Switzerland. Persrock’s idea initially was a university project for Farzad at the Zurich University of the Arts. Only later it turned from musical project to a full-fledged rock band. Persrock’s self-titled debut deals with various topics such as social norms and freedom of thought.

 A project on a global scale which aims to open a new window in the music scene as well as creating an alternative bridge for those who are interested in persian music with the taste of rock.

A combination of powerful oriental literature and immense western music.

Persian Love

‘Persian Love’, a 1979 single by Holger Czukay of German Krautrock group Can, featuring classical Persian singing and instrumentation.

Locksmith, is a rapper of Iranian and African-American

Davood Asgari, better known by his stage name Locksmith, is a rapper of Iranian (Persian) and African-American descent from Richmond, California. He is half of the underground duo The Frontline.

Siroes, King of Persia

Metastasio - Siroe re di Persia - Herissant Vol.03 - Paris 1780.

Siroe, re di Persia ("Siroes, King of Persia", HWV 24), is an opera seria in three acts by George Frideric Handel. It was his 12th opera for the Royal Academy of Music and was written for the sopranos Francesca Cuzzoni and Faustina Bordoni. The opera uses an Italian-language libretto by Nicola Francesco Haym, after Metastasio's Siroe.

Iranian of the Day: Kayhan, Musician in New York

From Humans of New York page: "My name's Kayhan, but I go by 'Lefty.'"

Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra in Tehran

Historic Pictures.

Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra performed two concerts in Tehran in August 1964.

The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra (PSO) is an American orchestra based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The orchestra's home is Heinz Hall, located in Pittsburgh's Cultural District.