(1827-1876) Oriental scholar and one of the founders of Iranian studies. His contributions to Old and Middle Iranian studies remained influential well into the twentieth century.

The result of his researches in Poona was the volume Essays on the sacred language, writings and religion of the Parsees (Bombay, 1862), of which a new edition, by E. W. West, greatly enriched from the posthumous papers of the author, appeared in 1878.

Haug published a number of other works of considerable importance to the student of the literatures of ancient India and Persia. They include:

Die Pehlewisprache und der Bundehesch (1854)
Die Schrift und Sprache der zweiten Keilschriftgattung (1855)
Die fünf Gathas, edited, translated and expounded (1858–1860)
an edition, with translation and explanation, of the Aitareya Brahnsana of the Rigveda (Bombay, 1863), which is accounted his best work in the province of ancient Indian literature
A Lecture on an original Speech of Zoroaster (1865)
An old Zend-Pahlavi Glossery (1867)